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I have been baking cakes since I was a young girl with my mom growing up.  After getting married and having my two beautiful children I wanted to be able to make them beautiful cakes and teach them what my mom taught me.  I decided I wanted to start my own cake business.  About six years ago I was creating beautiful cakes for friends and family. 


Unfortunately, in 2008 my son became very ill and I had to put the cakes to the side and devote all my attention to him.  He is doing okay now after traveling to Cincinnati Children's Hospital and receiving care from the best doctors in the country.  He requires a lot of medical expenses so I have decided to get back into creating beautiful cakes to help raise money for his travel expenses, treatment and care.  Also creating these cakes is a stress reliever for me and is very therapeutic. 


I enjoy creating my cakes and my daughter and son love to help me come up with my designs.  My ultimate dream is that one day I can open a bakery and be able to pass my business down to my children.

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